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The Tarn Gorge

The Tarn Gorge

Jonte, The Grands Causses, Gévaudan, North of the Cévennes

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When you see the sheer drop of the towering cliffs which form the Tarn, Dourbie and Trévezel Gorges, you begin to grasp the time span and the physical scale of water’s colossal labours. The lofty plateaus on either side of these rivers blend in perfect symbiosis with these pluging canyons. Far from offering the eye a horizon that is flat and unrelieved, the Causses conceal many a strange outcrop of glinting rock, as well as fathomless caves and impenetrable swallow-holes. And yet the majesty of these landscapes has not overawed people, for man with his infinite patience has imbued these places with his unmistakable mark...


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