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The child who saw

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On this Thursday 11th February 1858, it was very cold... In the cachot the fire had gone out in the fireplace. Bernadette, Toinette and their friend, Baloume went out to collect some dead wood in a grotto which was used as a pigpen. This place was called Massabielle and in order to get there they had to cross a small stream bare-footed. The water was icy cold. Bernadette hesitated. As she started to take off her socks and shoes a small breeze made her raise her head towards the grotto. She saw a young lady appear in a faint light who was dressed all in white. She was very frightened and clutched her rosary...


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The child who saw

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BernadetteOn this Thursday, February 11, 1858, it was very cold in Lourdes. In the fireplace of the Cachot, the former prison, the fire had gone out. Bernadette, Toinette and their friend Baloume went to gather firewood in a grotto that was used as a (...)

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