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Her beautiful and true story

February 2008

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In Lourdes, on Thursday February 11, 1858, it was very cold. In the cachot, the fire in the fireplace had gone out. The wood gathered the day before had been sold to buy a bit of bread. Bernadette, her sister Toinette and their friend Baloume went out in the wintry weather to gather firewood in a grotto at the edge of the river, where the local swineherd usually took his pigs. To reach this Massabielle grotto, they had to cross a little stream barefoot. The water was icy cold. Toinette and Baloume had already crossed. Bernadette, whose health was delicate, hesitated. As she began to remove her clogs, a gust of wind made her raise her head towards the grotto. In a gentle light, she saw a young lady dressed in white appear. Afraid, she reached for her rosary.

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