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30 January 2008 Latest addition
The texts scrupulously respect historical reality and are illustrated with drawings based on sound documentation. This provides a good teaching tool and introduces the child, who is reading or being read to, to historical and cultural themes that are within his or her reach.

  • Goumbi


    A child at the time of polished stone

    Book | L’enfant
    Goumbi and his family lived in a village surrounded by fertile fields, at the foot of a high mountain with rich pastures. With his mother, (...)

  • Bernadette


    The child who saw

    Book | L’enfant
    On this Thursday 11th February 1858, it was very cold... In the cachot the fire had gone out in the fireplace. Bernadette, Toinette and their (...)

  • Noune


    Child of Prehistory

    Book | L’enfant
    Noune is a small boy who lives with his parents, Pah and Mah, and his sister, Malina. They live at the foot of a huge rock, where herds of (...)

  • Marcus


    A child in Roman Provence

    Book | L’enfant
    Marcus, a young Roman boy, came ashore at Massilia (Marseilles). He was with his father, Lucius, a famous mosaic craftsman who had come to (...)

  • Jeremy


    A child at Mont-Saint-Michel

    Jeremy has a dream ... In his dream he relives thehistory of Mont-Saint-Michel from the longboats of the Vikings up until the golden age of the (...)